Putin presented state awards to those who make Russia a great power

June 24 on the occasion of Russian President Vladimir Putin presented State awards for the year 2019. They are awarded for outstanding achievements in the field of science and technology, literature and the arts, and philanthropy, human rights and humanitarian activities. Traditionally this ceremony is held on June 12, Russia Day. But in the plans interfered with the pandemic. However, if it is not, the list of winners could also be slightly different.

the Historic ceremony — the first time a State award for achievements in the field of humanitarian Affairs, the President confers the doctor.

Valery Vechorko the head of one of the leaders of the fight against coronaviruses, the famous Moscow “tag”, the hospital named after Filatov. The doctor during these months we learned how the eyes and gait, today in the Kremlin, in the suit.

“I’m just overwhelmed with immense feelings of pride for our country, for health care professionals who every day, not sparing himself, selflessly, sometimes away from the family continue to fight for the life and health of our patients,” admits Vechorko.

Scientists from St. Petersburg State award for the creation of the modern drugs for the treatment of cancer, now pharmacists, of course, given the development of vaccines against coronavirus.

“This attack, which is called the coronavirus, we will win. No doubt about it”, — assured General Director of the biotechnological company BIOCAD Dmitry Morozov.

the Winners are planted in a checkerboard pattern, but is it a respectful distance may delay their merit?

“Those who are here today in the Kremlin, of course, are the representatives of the various groups, thanks to which Russia can claim, and rightly claim to be called a great power” — with pleasure says Vladimir Putin at the ceremony.

for the First time on the day of the awarding of the state prize and awarded for VygaudasI achievements in human rights activities, and philanthropy. Maria Bolshakova almost 20 years headed the Union of families of servicemen of Russia. Konstantin Khabensky marked as the Creator of the charity Fund; the cash equivalent of the prize of 10 million rubles, he gives his players.

“No donation, no law, no global initiative does not make sense if the focus of ideas should not man and man,” — says Konstantin Khabensky.

People, namely the old-timers of Siberia, Baikal, in the centre of the research of the ethnographer from Irkutsk Galina Medvedeva.

Badge of laureate of State prize from the hands of the President now receives and anthropologist Andrei Golovnev, Director of the Kunstkamera, the largest specialist in the culture of the peoples of the North.

“In the North say that the Arctic is well seen person. Add: from the Arctic clearly visible humanity,” says Andrei Golovnev, who heads the Museum of anthropology and Ethnography named after Peter the Great.

from a distance the stream of the awards ceremony looks awarded for humanitarian work of composer David Tukhmanov — he lives in Israel, borders are still closed.

And its main song, “victory Day”, singing on red square. Picks up all of Russia

“I was chosen by fate to be the author of this song,” — says David Tukhmanov.

Gratitude is not only the fate but also the teachers heard from the lips of the writer, literary critic, member of the Council for culture and arts under the President of the Russian Federation Valentina Kurbatov.

“I Remember the simple sacred rule of Leo Tolstoy: “Do what you must, let it be, what will happen,” said Valentin Kurbatov.

About the genius of the music of Sergei Vasilievich Rachmaninoff says the Director of the house Museum of the composer’s Ivanovka. Laureate of the State prize Alexander Ermakov has recreated not only the estate, but also the unique atmosphere of a Russian house.

“If you are surrounded by those who doubt the strength and power of Russia, send them to me in Ivanovka, Sergei Vasilyevich will be able to educate them” — ironically promises Alexander Ermakov.

Scientists from the Novosibirsk Mikhail Predtechensky, Dmitri Markovic, Vladimir Meledin awarded for the development of production technology of carbon nanotubes. A true scientific and technological breakthrough, providing the strategic advantage in Russia.

After the ceremony, Putin wished them success and expressed the hope that the life was restored, but warned that still need to be careful.

surrounded by the winners of the State prize, the President raises the traditional glass of champagne.