Putin promised to resolve the issue with the tomb of Kutuzov

Russian President Vladimir Putin has promised “to do” proper documentation of the tomb of the celebrated commander Mikhail Kutuzov in the Kazan Cathedral in St. Petersburg. A question about this came at a meeting of the head of state with war veterans and representatives of public Patriotic associations in St. Petersburg.

Putin arrived in the Northern capital to participate in memorial events dedicated to the 77th anniversary of breaking the siege of Leningrad. He laid flowers on the Nevsky patch and at the Piskarevskoye memorial cemetery in St. Petersburg, as well as a wreath at the monument “Motherland”. The President talked with veterans and toured on the blockade of Leningrad a three-dimensional panorama “Memory says. The road through the war” at the Museum “Breakthrough” in the Kirov district of Leningrad region.

At a meeting with veterans and public figures one of the participants told that the burial of Kutuzov in the Kazan Cathedral has a common passport and is administered by different agencies. Participant in the discussion proposed to put the tomb of Kutuzov registered in the Ministry of defence to have the opportunity to allocate special funds for the restoration of the burial and his reconstruction of the decoration.

According to the President referred to the details of the status of Kutuzov’s grave — new information.

“Make sure, this is a very important issue”, — quotes Putin RIA Novosti.

At the same meeting, the President presented the first commemorative medal “75 years of Victory in the great Patriotic war 1941 — 1945” and said: one time payment to each veteran of the 75th anniversary of the Victory in the great Patriotic war will be 75 thousand rubles, and each worker of rear — 50 thousand rubles. Normal size of lump-sum payments for the anniversary of Victory is 10 thousand rubles to veterans, and 5 thousand home front workers.

Jubilee medal established by the decree of the President of the Russian Federation 13 June 2019, was awarded four veterans: Catherine Tuturov, Anatoly Klimov, Boris Feofanov and Valentina Andronova.