Putin spoke about the disease mishustina and their joint rule

Russian President Vladimir Putin was forced to rearrange your work schedule after Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin became ill with the coronavirus COVID-19. The head of state told the TV channel “Russia 1”.

According to the President, before the pandemic coronavirus he introduced the rule: the President and the Prime Minister should never fly not only in the same plane but on different planes at the same time.

“Because we have a special responsibility for the situation in the country,” explains Putin.

Therefore, when it became clear that the Prime Minister was ill, the President “just had to act very carefully and properly to build your work schedule”.

Mikhail Mishustin told President via video link about the positive result of his test COVID-19 on April 30. The acting head of the government at the time of his treatment, he was appointed first Deputy Prime Minister Andrei Belousov.

According to Putin, he is not the first year has no right to even think about what to give up — especially in a critical situation. This situation, he says, on the contrary, should “mobilize to address challenges facing the country.”

In an interview with the President of Russia also told us why she decided to visit the hospital in Kommunarka, where they treat the infected with coronavirus. According to him, he wanted to see with your own eyes how things work.

“I always, in principle, did so. Everywhere. Matter where that happened,” Putin said.

Too risky this decision, Putin believes, noting that before entering the red zone of the hospital, and consulted with experts and found out the safest way to do this and was “appropriately equipped”.

besides, the Prime Minister and Mishustin did not yet sick, so that “a certain degree of freedom of behavior at the highest levels” of the President, he said, was. Although a trip to cuasnoy area and tried to stop, however, as in the case of trips of Putin in a war zone in the Caucasus, the President has considered the risk justified.

“I had to be there”, he explained.

Vladimir Putin and Moscow mayor Sergei Sobyanin visited the hospital in Kommunarka on March 24. A week later, on 31 March, the head physician of the hospital Denis Protsenko was discovered coronavirus. During the treatment, he went into self-imposed isolation, leading the clinic and advising remotely.

on 1 April, Vladimir Putin met with government members in the new distance format: the head of state held a meeting with members of the Cabinet of Ministers online video conferencing from his residence in Novo-Ogaryovo.

the full interview of the President the program “Moscow. The Kremlin. Putin” can be seen in the TV channel “Russia 1” on 28 June at 22:00.