Putin suggested that the five permanent members of the UN security Council to hold an event for security

Russian President Vladimir Putin has invited the permanent members of the UN security Council to hold an event for security. He said this, speaking at the fifth world forum of memory of the Holocaust in Israel. Live broadcast led the TV channel “Russia 24”.

Putin has offered to meet anywhere in the world and stressed that “Russia is ready for such a serious conversation”. The permanent members of UNSC are Russia, China, USA, France and Britain.

According to the Russian leader, disunity in the modern world can lead to terrible consequences.

“we Need to be vigilant and not to be missed, not to overlook, when the first germs of hatred, chauvinism, anti-Semitism, when you gradually begin to indulge in xenophobia and other manifestations of this kind, — said Putin. — Forgetfulness of the past, disunity in the face of threats can result in dire consequences”.

the President of Russia believes that the five powers-the founders of the United Nations bear special responsibility for the preservation of civilization and should set an example of peace. In his opinion, such a meeting will be important and symbolic, as this year marks the 75th anniversary of the end of world war II and the founding of the United Nations.

As previously reported, Putin and Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu unveiled a monument to the residents and defenders of besieged Leningrad “Candle of memory”. Height of the stele, 9 meters, weight — 12 tons. This is one of the largest memorials established in Israel. The basis for artistic decision — the image of a candle, engraved on a bronze inscription, “Remember the living and the dead, death by death”.