Putin thanked those who voted for and understand those who are against

For a vote on the amendments to the Constitution of Russia the President of Russia Vladimir Putin thanked the Russians. “Thank you very much for the support and trust”, — appealed to the citizens at the meeting of the organizing Committee “Victory,” Putin said. The organising Committee meeting live broadcast TV channel “Russia 24”.

According to Putin, after the collapse of the Soviet Union has, by historical standards, quite a bit of time. Therefore, the current Russian economy and its political system are still in their infancy. The President of Russia admitted that he understands those citizens who voted against amending the Basic law amendments, as the country has many unresolved problems, and people are often faced with injustice in life, with callousness and indifference.

“Many people still live very difficult and we, the leadership of the country, while it often seems that we do everything we can, — said the head of the Russian state. But no. Life shows something else, experience shows that we often do not modify and must act faster, more accurate, more organized, and more efficient”.

For amendments to the Constitution of Russia voted 57.7 million Russians. It 52,95% of all eligible votes of the Russians. This amendment was supported 77,92% of Russians were against of 21.27%. Amendments to the Basic law will come into force immediately after the results of the popular vote.