Putin: the governors in Russia staffed with decent people

during the meeting with the social workers of state institutions and non-profit organizations, which was held online conference, President Vladimir Putin said that the governors in Russia are staffed by decent and knowledgeable people, reports RIA Novosti.

the relationship with the President were representatives of public organizations from Kostroma and Sevastopol, which talked about how much improved the work of their organizations on additional measures of support for NGOs.

the President noted the importance of close communication between the heads of the regions with these organizations, the need to support them at the regional level. He cited the example of the governors of Sevastopol and the Kostroma region.

“we Hope that other regions will hear this and will be in this area to work in the same way as the above-mentioned colleagues from Kostroma and Sevastopol. In fact, I can assure you that the majority of heads of regions and treat the cause”, — Putin said.

the Head of state stressed that such organizations need to seek help, “do not hesitate.”