Putin: the heroism of soldiers near Rzhev can never be smeared with lies

June 30 during the opening ceremony of the Rzhev memorial to Soviet soldiers, the Russian President made a speech in which he emphasized the need always to remember the heroism of Soviet soldiers who saved the world from Nazism and expressed confidence that this feat is impossible to cover up with lies and fraud.

“We will always remember what a high price paid by the Soviet people for the Victory which shock took over and repelled the Red army,” said Putin, Recalling that the red army “in the same ranks fought by representatives of all republics and all nationalities of the Soviet Union.

the President of Russia reminded that since the war “never made it home — killed in battle, in captivity, in hospitals — more than 8.5 million soldiers of the red army, and this is still not final data,”

the Russian Head of state noted that Rzhevskij memorial is “another symbol of our common memory, a symbol of reverence for the great and selfless feat of the soldier-hero soldier-liberator, soldier who saved Europe and the world from Nazism”.

“Time has no power over this feat, and he should never, cannot be forgotten and even more tattered, smeared with lies and fraud. We don’t allow that,” he said.

Vladimir Putin thanked the searchers who “return to the fallen their names and family, descendants of the family history,” and expressed confidence that work of Rzhev, where fierce battles of the great Patriotic war should continue.

the Russian head of state thanked all those who participated in the creation of the memorial — the author’s staff, the Russian military-historical society, the structure of the Union state of Russia and Belarus, people who made donations for its construction.

to Commemorate the feat of the dead Rzhev was a matter of conscience and honor, said Putin at a galaOh the opening ceremony of the memorial, which was led by the TV channel “Russia 24”.

it was also attended by President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko.

This memorial — sculptor Andrew Korobtsova and architect Konstantin Fomin is a 25-foot bronze figure of a soldier at the base of which depicts a flock of cranes. It is mounted on a 10-meter artificial mound. In addition to the monument, the complex also includes a branch of the Museum of Victory.