Putin: the Russian culture has proved its viability

Russian President Vladimir Putin has asked cultural workers to present their proposals for the future work of museums, theatres, cinemas, circuses, concert and exhibition halls, libraries, music schools, who are now on forced vacation in connection with the spread of coronavirus.

the Head of state stressed at the meeting with workers of culture Saturday, June 6, the importance of institutions working in the cultural sphere, was released from quarantine with minimal losses and received incentives for further development. The discussion on the issue, Putin said, is all the last week.

the President also drew attention to the fact that Russian culture has proved its viability and openness to the public that demonstrated the difficulties of the past months.

“Despite the difficulties, cultural institutions, their teams did everything possible to support the people,” — said Putin. He expressed gratitude to everyone who in the period of epidemic did all that cultural life was not interrupted.

a Meeting of the head of state at a meeting with workers of culture, held in videoconference format, transmits the channel “Russia 24”. It takes place in the Russian language Day, celebrated on the birthday of the great Russian poet Alexander Pushkin.