Putin told how people can become better

Russian President Vladimir Putin has told, how people can become better. According to him, it needs to be kind to others. Such statement the President made during a meeting with the participants of mutual aid “together”, reports channel “Russia 24”.

Putin said that almost all people love to receive gifts, it’s nice to hear kind words. With gratitude perceived help and support from loved ones or even strangers. The President drew attention to the fact that a hundred times nicer and more important to help others. According to Putin, when we do that, something inside himself feel better.

the Head of state is confident that the aforementioned actions are the internal spring that moves the human feelings, inner motivations.

Vladimir Putin thanked the volunteers and volunteers for all they have done, and expressed confidence that they will do more. The President noted that their work is extremely varied, since the assistance is provided to elderly and children, and seriously ill.

the Russian President supported the idea to establish the international volunteer award for contribution to the solution of global problems, including the fight against the pandemic. According to him, the support of volunteers and volunteers in other countries from Russia is a good idea. This step will help to build relationships with like-minded people.

to Establish an international prize “We are together” proposed by the coordinator of the international program “Volunteers of the World” Diana dzhalalova. She finds an important admission initiative on the part of Russia because the country has made an incredible contribution to the fight against the pandemic worldwide.