Putin told how the mistakes of the past wants to avoid

amendments to the Constitution will strengthen the country’s statehood and create conditions for steady development of Russia for decades to come. The President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin has declared in interview to TV channel “Russia 1”.

Answering a question, repeat any past mistakes he wanted to avoid, the President reminded about the “bomb” that was planted “back in 1922, with the formation of the Soviet Union, and then in subsequent Constitutions.”

After the revolution of 1917 in Russia was a discussion, “how to restore statehood,” and the Union Treaty of 1922 “was introduced Lenin’s thesis on the right of Union republics to secede from the United States”.

“Lenin was worn with this idea even with the years 1908-1909. It all came from the idea of the right of Nations to self-determination and then transformed into state-building in such a way that when creating a single state, the Soviet Union, well, in fact there was a speech about the restoration of Russia in its former borders, the newly created Federal Republic had the right to secede from it”, — Putin said, noting that Stalin adhered to a different point of view.

Stalin “spoke of the need for autonomy of national associations on their entry into the Russian Federation on the rights of autonomy”. “No secession from the Soviet Union was not provided. Well, in the end, was implemented Lenin’s idea and the right to secede from the Soviet Union was recorded in the Union Treaty of 1922,” — said the President.

Then, according to him, these provisions “have started to wander from the Constitution to the Constitution of the Soviet period, but was not told to another was not spelled out the procedure of secession from the Union.”

as a result, the Republic, which became part of the Soviet Union, received “in your Luggage a huge number of Russian lands, traditional historical Russian territories”. The Constitution was written the right way, but was not spelled out procedure. As a result, the Republic could secede from the Union is not “came”, and “dragged along” with a “gifts from the Russian people.” “Because nothing has been registered”, — said Putin.

the Communist party also failed to fulfil the promises of the “Land – to peasants, factories – to workers”. At the end of the First world war the land and factories were nationalized. “In fact, working these factories are not inherited, the land has not got” — said the President.

“Then another point was wonderful, — he continued — below on its side and attract the army. “Neither war nor peace”. Is Trotsky invented. “And the army demobilize”. But the army did not need because they are spread out by this time, the front spread. The army was even political threat, a huge number of armed men, who rushed here and there without understanding what is happening and what to do. But “no war, No peace” is a very strange idea,” — said Putin.

He added that “this, too, quickly refused,” and began “using carrot and stick” to create the worker-peasant Red army, and “succeeded so well”.

“But I say that all of these parameters actually said one thing and did another. With more or less success, but did so”, — said the head of state.

In the Constitution of 1977, “was written exclusive monopoly of the Communist party to power”, he recalled. The Communist party, according to Putin, became the backbone of the state system and have linked their own destiny, their own group interests with the interests of the whole country.

And when the party “by itself, without any external shock, began to crumble from the inside, it started to crumble and the country”.

“This is absolutely unacceptable, — said Putin. — This is a time bomb, laid in 1922, with the formation of the Soviet Union and then in the subsequent Constitutions of the 24-th, 36-th, 77-th year. Such things we must avoid”.

“I am absolutely convinced that we are right to accept the amendments to the current Constitution, he added. — These amendments will strengthen our state and will create the conditions for sustained development of our country for decades to come”.