Putin told why went to the red zone in Kommunarka

to Go into the red zone of the hospital in Kommunarka, where were infected COVID-19 people, there was a great risk, believes Russian President Vladimir Putin. He stated this in an interview with Paul Zarubino, the author of the program “Moscow. The Kremlin. Putin” on TV channel “Russia 1”.

Answering the question was not whether such a solution is too high risk, the President replied: “No, I don’t think.”

“What I went there? The first thing I wanted to see, to see with my own eyes how it all works. One thing to know on the reports, and another – to come to see. I always, in principle, did so. Everywhere. Wherever anything was happening,” Putin said.

He added that before you go into the red zone, he consulted with experts, found the most safe way of visiting the area. In addition, he was “appropriately equipped”.

“it is True that this equipment did not prevent the chief doctor of the hospital to get sick, it’s true, Yes, — said the head of state. — Well, it happens, that risk. Possible. But then Mishustin had been sick, so a certain degree of freedom of behavior at the highest levels, she had. But I thought it justified.”

the Risk is not justified when it is not needed, Putin said. He recalled that during the grave events in the Caucasus, he often visited the combat zone.

“I remember, we are almost at low level flight was flying across the terrain by helicopter. Blades almost touched there for the land. I said, “Why are we risking so much?”. He says: “If we climb higher, the risk will be even greater because we’ve become a good target for the Stingers, who were the terrorists”. This risk of this strafing, he was acquitted. In this case,” he cited the example of Putin.

Risk visit combat zones, he said, was also acquitted. “I need to be there. And here – I had to be at the hospital and see how everything is organized. So I do not think that it was unjustified”, — concluded the President.

He also said that he tried to dissuade from going in the red zone, and reported that a test for the coronavirus every 3-4 days. All tests were negative.

the Full interview of the head of state can be seen in the program “Moscow. The Kremlin. Putin” on 28 June at 22:00 on TV channel “Russia 1”.