Putin will meet with his mother Naamah Issachar: in Israel, hope for a pardon girls

During a visit to Israel Vladimir Putin may meet with the mother convicted in Russia of the Israelite Naamah Issachar. This was stated by the assistant to the President Yuri Ushakov. Israeli media believe that the Russian leader could even announce the pardon of the girl. However, Ushakov warned the journalists from jumping to conclusions.

Naama Issachar was detained at Sheremetyevo airport in April 2019. 25-year-old Israeli woman was flying from Delhi to tel-Aviv with a stopover in Moscow. Service dog found in her Luggage drugs during a search of the backpack was almost 10 grams of hashish.

the Girl was arrested. She admitted possession, but denied smuggling, claiming that you never left the transit area. However, the Prosecutor said: the air border of Russia and the Customs Union Issachar crossed. She faced up to 10 years in prison, but eventually was given 7.5 years. In Israel, such punishment was considered too severe.

just in April 2019 legalize home marijuana use and in fact allowed the possession of small amounts of drugs. Dozens of people came out to protest to demand the release of na’ama. Wrote letters to the government of Israel and Russia, appealed to the Supreme court in Jerusalem. But in the end, hope for a pardon, gave talks at the highest level before the visit to Israel of Vladimir Putin. About it journalists were told by the girl’s mother. After her arrest, she arrived in Russia to support the daughter and only now returned to tel Aviv.

“I believe that it will be forgiven and sent home as soon as possible. I hope and believe. This week we’ll find out when it will release. It’s the moment of truth,” said Yaffa Issachar, mother Naamah Issachar.

Pardon the Naama President Vladimir Putin asked Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Later confirmed that the meeting with the girl’s mother is in the schedule of the official visit of the Russian leader.

“a Year ago, I invited Vladimir Putin at the opening ceremony of the monument to the victims of the siege of Leningrad. I’m glad he accepted my invitation. During his visit we will open a monument in Jerusalem. I also discussed the matter with him, Naamah Issachar, and I hope that in this case we also have good news,” — said Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel.

In Israel a hope for a goodwill gesture and wait for the announcement of the pardon. The girl has already thanked the activists for their support by sending them a letter from prison.