Putin will speak at the forum, dedicated to the memory of Holocaust victims

In Israel today is waiting for Vladimir Putin. The Board President of Russia landed in the airport of tel Aviv. The visit is timed to the 75-th anniversary of the red army’s liberation of Auschwitz and the Day of memory of victims of the Holocaust. In the visit, commemorative events, and a number of meetings.

Dozens of flags fluttering at the entrance to the memorial complex of memory of victims of the Holocaust “Yad Vashem” in Jerusalem. In the history of Israel there was not such a representative forum. Sixty foreign delegations, forty-seven presidents, Prime Ministers and heads of state, and even members of six Royal houses of Europe.

This is the fifth international forum of the Holocaust memorial, dedicated to the 75 th anniversary of the liberation of the Nazi death camp Auschwitz by Soviet troops. To participate in the forum arrive the presidents of Germany and Italy, Vice-President of the United States, the king of Spain, Prince Charles.

the Sky over Jerusalem closed the city centre is cleared. The alignment and then close for racing from the airport tuples. Politicians flocked to the Holy places. Arriving on the eve of France Emmanuel macron has managed to enter into a squabble with Israeli security forces, not too gently tried to accompany the French President in the Basilica of St. Anne.

I don’t like what you are doing. Get out! You are great doing their job. But please respect the rules that have existed for hundreds of years. No one is going to make any provocation, reacted emotionally to the actions of the security services, the President of France.

This is the traditional manifestation of the explosive French temperament. In 1996, President Jacques Chirac also remember the scene of “the expulsion of police from the Temple.”

Jerusalem police today, primarily concerned with the safety of guests. In the halls of Yad Vashem in these days of crowded. Mobilized staff of the Museum. One after another go tours for journalists, politicians and state delegations.

documentary SVidealista black page of human history. 6 million men, women, children, the elderly, poisoned by the Nazis in the gas chambers of the death camps, shot in the ditches and ravines were slain in the ghetto. The forum organizers are trying to convey to the participants a direct link between growing in society antisemitism and the threat of a repetition of the historical tragedy.

“Each year almost doubled the number of anti-Semitic manifestations. If we talk about severe manifestations, the current level does not reach, but almost to the level of anti-Semitism in ‘ 38, that is, a year before the Second world war. If you take the basis that Nazism did not have weapons of mass destruction, and today, in the event of coming to power through democratic means extremism it may be in their possession, we say this symptom, the crisis of anti — Semitism- a very dangerous symptom,” recalls the President of the European Jewish Congress, founder of the “world Holocaust forum” Vyacheslav Kantor.

Israel is alarmed at the glorification of the nationalist leaders of the anti-Semites. It is not understood and not accepted the refusal of the Polish President Andrzej Duda from participation in the forum.

“the Problem of historical memory is extremely politicized, and this applies to almost all of Europe and, primarily, I think, the countries of Eastern Europe who are trying thereby falsifying their own history, unwilling to accept it objectively, to settle scores with the Soviet Union. Oddly, sadly oblivious to the fact that the Red army liberated those countries from Nazi Germany, from the Nazis,” says researcher at the Yad Vashem, Holocaust historian Aaron Schneier.

a Soviet soldier recalls with gratitude the prisoner of Auschwitz Sarah Jakobowicz. She was in the death camp where the Nazis killed almost half a million people in 1944, twelve-year-old girl. In this vast factory of death alive was only a little over a thousand people. Auschwitz, Sachsenhausen, Treblinka. Soviet troops liberated prisoners of concentration camps, revealing the terrible truth about the crimes of the Nazis.

Ivan Martynushkin, commander of infantry regiment, was one of the first Soviet officers, entered the gates of Auschwitz, first looked into the eyes of a few, survivors prisoners.

I usually ask what they looked like. Of course, being in this hell is a terrible thing. They were blackened, emaciated, afraid to look at them, says a veteran of the great Patriotic war, liberator of Auschwitz Ivan Martynushkin.

the truth about war, honor and cherish in today’s Israel. Here Victory Day, the Knesset declared a state holiday, is celebrated as in Russia, may 9. Eight years ago opened a monument to soldiers of the red army. Today the official part of the program of Vladimir Putin after meetings with the Prime Minister and President of Israel will begin with the opening of the memorial to the heroes and victims of the siege of Leningrad.

Petersburg and Jerusalem together erected in the Central Park of the city, near the government quarter nine-meter stele, a symbolic candle of memory incorporated into the capsule of the earth with the Piskarevsky memorial cemetery. This is a tribute to the courage of Leningrad residents, dedication of the soldiers who defeated Nazism, who saved the Jews of Europe that made possible the creation of the state of Israel. And that is why today the Russian President is the first foreign guests will speak at the forum, dedicated to the memory of Holocaust victims.