PwC experts said on globalizatsionnykh processes in the economy

the World economy will slow down, experts said consultancy PwC in its report. According to them, “globalizacija” to be triggered by tensions in international relations, as a consequence, interruptions in the global supply chains. Thus the economy in Russia will grow by only 3.4 percent, which is less than the annual average this century is 0.4 percent.

the situation is Complicated by the fact that in December was cancelled and a dispute settlement mechanism under the world trade organization, America has blocked the appointment of new arbitrators.

But the reason for optimism remains the service sector: it is expected that this year the level of exports of services in the world will reach $7 trillion, preserving the leadership in the United States and the United Kingdom.

Also will increase the number of jobs. The G7 countries will increase by two million jobs, while the seven largest countries with developing economies, including China and Russia — eight million.