Pharmacy Mohren Apotheke in the Austrian capital, decided to change the name and logo in support of the black population, writes Kronen Zeitung. Mohr indicates the word is an obsolete term, formerly called the Moors. The owners of pharmacies thus meant that many medicines came into medieval Europe from the East and from Africa. The current leadership of the pharmacy claims that this name wants to preserve the memory of the healing art of black healers, but realizes that for many people this term is discriminatory and offensive.

the Image of the moor was removed from the Windows of the pharmacy, now is to develop a new logotype, the magazine publishes a photograph of this event. In the comments of the readers of the publication are given a reasonable question — what do people with surname mohr with the root and if they do not have to change the documents.

Earlier in Berlin unknown painted over the part of the root of the name of the metro station “Mohrenstrasse” (Morenstraße) and signs with the street name. According to one version, the name of the street derives from the fact that it lived blacks who served the Prince of Prussia, the first Margrave of Brandenburg-Shvedskom Philip Wilhelm.