Rada adopted a law to curtail the rights of the Russian language in schools

the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine adopted the law “On General secondary education”. The document envisages a gradual reduction in the teaching of the languages of national minorities, including Russian.

according to TASS, the decision of 16 January was supported by 327 deputies at the minimum required 226 votes.

this document provides three models of studying the state (Ukrainian) language in schools.

One of them concerns, in particular concerns of ethnic minorities, whose language belongs to one of the kindred Ukrainian and those who live mainly in the language environment of the native language (first of all it concerns Russian).

In the framework of this model in primary school teaching will be conducted in the minority language along with the study of Ukrainian and 5th grade at least 80 percent of teaching time is given to teaching in the national (Ukrainian) language.

Earlier it was reported that from January 16, all advertising in Ukraine should be out now in the Ukrainian language.

meanwhile, in early December last year, the Commission of the Council of Europe encouraged Ukraine to revise the law on the state language.