Rafa Puente Jr. criticizes FMF for “underestimating” Jimmy Lozano and bringing in Aguirre

In a recent statement, analyst Rafael Puente Jr. expressed his disapproval of the Mexican Football Federation (FMF) for their decision to hire Javier Aguirre as an advisor to the Mexican National Team. Puente Jr. believes that this action undermines the work of Jaime Lozano and sends a negative message.

During the TUDN program “Línea de 4”, Puente del Río mentioned that even though it has been stated that Lozano will not be replaced, bringing in Aguirre seems to show a lack of confidence. “By announcing Javier Aguirre as an advisor, you completely diminish the leadership that the coach currently holds.”

“The players are not fools and they will think ‘wow, they brought in a coach as an advisor’… The message is clear and strong, it shows a lack of full trust in the current leader of the Mexican National Team, and ultimately, this can lead to issues,” Puente Jr. stated regarding the potential arrival of Aguirre to the team.

Despite this criticism, Gibrán Araige, a reporter for the network, revealed that ‘Jimmy’ approved of Aguirre joining the team. Araige mentioned that they have had several conversations in recent weeks, indicating that there are no issues with the roles they will have.

It is clear that Puente Jr. has strong opinions about the situation, and this development has sparked discussions among football fans and experts alike. Only time will tell how this decision will impact the Mexican National Team’s performance in the future.