Rainy front is gaining strength: where he can get

a Powerful storm front covers the North-Western regions of Russia. There are reports of heavy rain and gusty winds. Experts say that the peak of the storm comes out right now. How much will he rage? And which areas were hardest hit by the disaster?

the Rainy front is raging in the far West of our country, but due to the peculiarities of development of the atmospheric situation far into Russia to break will not.

the Inhabitants of Smolensk has already spread in the social network footage of inclement weather. In the afternoon there was clear, the thermometer showed plus 25, but now the weather rapidly deteriorated: there is a heavy downpour and the temperature dropped to 18 degrees. According to the staff, sometimes on the streets has already experienced flooding, according to the Center weather PHOBOS.

Heavy rains for this moment also began in the West, Leningrad and Novgorod regions, as well as in the Pskov region. While the intensity is too early to judge, but according to the staff, she’s obviously very significant. On the whole, the development of the atmospheric processes suggests that weak rain West of Russia, alas, will not get off.

Atmospheric front stretches along Russia’s borders almost from Scandinavia to the Carpathians. The clouds in his area in the morning reached storm stage and, apparently, they continue to grow. The most powerful source of clouds hanging over the Gulf of Finland. Very slowly the front section is shifted to the North-East, so during the day he will be able to cover only the Western and North-Western regions of our country.

If to speak about figures, the forecasts of the major cities most of all at the front will suffer in St. Petersburg. In the Northern capital and the surrounding area the rain had just started when the wind increases. For a few hours on the banks of the Neva could lead up to 10 mm of precipitation, and the streams of air will accelerate to 18 meters per second.

However, the storm cell in the area of the front can occur locally. So, it is possible that somewhere and rains, and the wind will be stronger.

the Difficult weather conditions will continue until the hasit’s evening, then the element will calm down.

Wednesday-Thursday the rain will continue, but will considerably weaken. And thermometer readings due to dense cloud cover will not exceed 20-22 degrees Celsius. Then the rest of the week in the conditions of cloudy weather, the air will warm up to 23.

Now a few words about other areas of Russia. It should be noted that the front will not be able to reach far into Russia only today, June 30.

the fact that much of the region now holds the power of the anticyclone, who plays a kind of atmospheric shield, not letting the clouds on the extreme West of the country. This center of high pressure was generated due to the Arctic invasion that occurred on the Russian plain a few days ago.

because Of this process tonight, for example, in the Moscow and Penza regions, the temperature dropped to 3 degrees, and on the Volga — even to one degree. However, this wave is already disappearing.

At the same time, the front of Europe carries to our country warmth. Tomorrow he will be able to break through an atmospheric block, and almost the entire European territory will be established West and South-West air flow.

By this time, the front section will weaken and lose its storm capacity.

So for most areas of the country, his invasion marked not tropical showers and thunderstorms (although without them, some places will not do), but first and foremost — warming.

for Example, in Moscow today are clear and plus 23. But the sleepless night due to the influence of the front, clouds on the sky becomes larger, it is not excluded light rain. However, even with this tomorrow, 1 July, the air warms up to plus 25.

with the increasing West flow temperature will continue to rise, and on Friday-Saturday we expected in the capital on 28-29 degrees Celsius. With the projected weak storm activity.