Ranking of trump, despite impeachment

Author: Dmitry Kiselev

America is full swing preparing for the presidential elections. Democrats continue to poison trump in Congress and the media. The subject of impeachment does not stop. Now that the elections have joined the Pentagon. The Washington Post published an article about what the military cyber command is developing a strike on Russia in case of Moscow’s interference in American elections. Absurd, but, according to the Americans, Russia’s meddling in the election-2020 sort of inevitable.

“the Intelligence community has prepared a secret augmented help, calling it “the Estimation of national intelligence.” It argues that the main goal of Russia in the elections of 2020 continues to sow disagreements. “She is constantly trying to deepen the lines of division within our society,” said one high-ranking American representative,” writes The Washington Post.

the battle will take us military hackers: “One of the measures being developed by the U.S. cyber command, directed against the top leadership and the elites of the country, although President Putin is unlikely to affect because it would be too provocative. As new tactics are considered actions against the security chiefs, military commanders, and perhaps some of the oligarchs. Sent messages will be accompanied by the limited cyber operations, the purpose of which is to demonstrate that Americans can hack a particular system or account and cause damage. In these messages there will be a warning that if the interference in the election is terminated, these people will be serious consequences”.

the Threat is fictional, but the actions of the American state is quite specific: espionage and cyberterrorism, as well as blackmail Russian leadership. They considered it fair.

Valentin Bogdanov

This video on channel One America News for Donald trump — the best Christmas gift. It’s not just Joe Biden’s son hunter was torturedtrying to cash in on Ukraine, says the journalist behind the scenes. The son of the speaker of the lower house, the chief supporters of impeachment Nancy Pelosi Gender were also in the business.

In the report glimpses of archival footage. Here 2015. Pelosi, heading a delegation of the U.S. Congress will not only walk through the Maidan, but will discuss energy security with Poroshenko. And now 2017. Two years later in Kiev will welcome her son Paul is the CEO of the gas company “has Viscol”. Went to Ukraine he, however, now as the Executive Director of another company — Corporate Governance Initiative. By the way, all the video footage of the trip from Sseti removed. There is only one fragment.

the news about his son Pelosi not accidentally overlook One America News. The crew of this channel was accompanied by a lawyer trump Rudolph Giuliani during a recent trip to Kiev. Giuliani came back with a bag of dirt. For example, George Soros.

Fired by trump Jovanovic was one of the key witnesses in the trial on the impeachment. He ended the presentation Trump two charges. But two Democrats little. To expand the list of articles, they now need the testimony of a former White House lawyer Makhana, the appearance of which in front of Congress and opposed by Republicans.

Once they believe the parish, and the head of the apparatus Mika Malvani and calling the former national security Advisor Bolton. Bargaining for an invitation to the Senate to witnesses the main reason why impeachment is stuck between the two houses of Congress.

Mitch McConnell — the Senate majority leader. It is — for Republicans. Democrats headed by Chuck Schumer. He insists on new indications, what is radically different from the sample itself, two decades ago. In 1999, the impeachment was presented to bill Clinton, and his party Sumer from witnesses fought back as best they could.

“This is not a criminal trial, is what was laid down by the founding fathers in the Constitution. And, of course, this is not a jury trial where call us and interview is a little different,” said Chuck Schumer.

Even more precarious position of trump’s opponents is Joe Biden. Threatens to spit openly on the Senate agenda. That is to do exactly what Trump and filed the impeachment.

“I will not go, as it all plays into the hands of Trump, he wants focus. the point is, I don’t know a single person, including this bandit Giuliani, my compatriot, who would have stood up and said: I did my job. All who testified under oath, said Biden did his job and did it well. It’s all a distraction — a game in which trump played for a long time, throughout his career,” — said Biden.

As Vice President Biden played in the same team with Obama, but did not wait for support from it becoming the candidate. At 44-th President of the US has its own favorite in the battle for the place of the 46th.

“Elizabeth, daughter of the janitor that became the most implacable defender of the middle class,” said Barack Obama.

Write that support Obama have already agreed to 200 of its most renowned supporters. Now they are collecting signatures for Warren, helping to find sponsors. For Biden is like a punch in the stomach.

“Strange story turns out. Is former President Obama, Vice-President, which is involved in the presidential race, and he makes statements in defense of Warren. What about love, think of former Vice-President, I was with you for 8 years, and could be supported. But there is another point: everyone talks about what should appear in the candidate that will change everything. And now Obama has decided to act as a gray Eminence with his candidate, and that nobody expected,” said one of the TV experts.

a Candidate that will change everything, tucked into the waistband of all, actually dreamed of becoming Michael Bloomberg. But despite the astronomical advertising budgets, his rating is growing slightly, slowly revolving somewhere around 5%. Builds support base at the headquarters of the billionaire thought with the help of calls, but the phone turned out to be hopelessly corrupt.

to Vote for Bloomberg voters in California agitated female voice. Who would have thought that they belong to the inmates of a prison in Oklahoma. Call centers behind barbed wire owned by the company ProCom, which the contractor hired the employee of a staff of a billionaire.

When the prisoner calls and says, vote for Bloomberg, is a very strange and repulsive history. But such stories are now one. Even the familiar Christmas tales heard on New unkind way. Canadian TV channel CBC, for example, took and cut out the fragment with trump from the Comedy “home Alone-2”. A short episode in the lobby of the new York Plaza hotel, where the tramp, faced with the hero of McCauley’s article Kalkin, played himself, disappeared from the airwaves of canadian TV within a matter of days after the US President fondly remembered of this small but striking role.

“I was a little younger. And I was honored to do it. The young guys say, “I just saw you in the movie!” It’s a big Christmas hit is one of the largest. So I am honored to participate in something like that, always nice to see success,” said trump.

Canadians are already making excuses, saying that the scene cut to shove more advertising in 2014, when he bought the rights. Trump, of course, his explanation. For mounting the scissors he could see the hand of canadian Prime Minister, relations with which the White house went wrong.

“I Think that Justin is not very much that I’m forcing him to fork out for NATO or trade,” wrote trump.

There, in Twitter, the father supported the son. Donald trump Jr. said the decision of the canadian TV people miserable and worthless. A prominent U.S. conservative Charlie Clark explained the disappearance of the scene that it “shows the human the face of someone left to love put up inhuman.”

Director Michael Moore to be sympathetic to the Trump is also not seen, but it is always for the truth. “If elections were held today, I’m sure he would have won,” said Moore. And these polls only confirm this.

the Latest Gallup survey shows that the ranking of the trump grew by 6% from the time when the House of representatives began impeachment. Now it is a maximum for all twelve months of 45%. With such indicators, of course, doubly pleased to celebrate the New, to the same election year.

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