Frankfurt – Schwesta Ewa – your Fans love you, your haters to come clear on their past. The reason: The 34-Year-old worked prior to her Rap career as a prostitute. Now the woman with Polish roots, the bomb burst: Schwesta Ewa is pregnant!

Schwesta Ewa pregnant: thousands of comments + The rapper Schwesta Ewa was sentenced in Frankfurt to two years and six months in prison. Now she is pregnant.© picture-alliance / Arne Dedert/d

social media is the pregnancy-confession of Schwesta Ewa through the ceiling! Example of Instagram: your Posts have rarely more than 200 comments. Your Outing has now been commented on within a few hours almost 10,000 times! In your Post Schwesta Ewa writes in the usual clarity: “the way it looks currently, can I get my child in jail. You hear correctly, I am now in the seventh month of pregnancy.”

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child of Schwesta Ewa was

check out this post on Instagram

So it currently looks like I get my child in jail !!! 2 Pac’s mother has also managed ? You hear correctly, I am now 7 months pregnant ! Please pray for me that we get a place in the mother-child prison, Yes it was planned, but it happened just… I’m 34 years old and get my first child… I come from the days of live, and declare to you a lot… And for the monsters the my child will now be offend, does God the Rest. In this sense, a beautiful Sunday morning ❤ love it. #aywa #milf #reality

A post shared by SCHWESTA EWA (@schwestaewa) on Nov 4, 2018 11:13 PST

Ewa, whose real name is Malanda, that the child was not planned. To your almost 440,000 Followers directed, she writes: “Pray for me, that we can get a place in the mother-and-child prison.” And the Frankfurt recalled that it had made the mother of Rapper Tupac Shakur. The sat in 1971, also pregnant in the prison. In jail also Schwesta Ewa on Instagram recently, all cases must fall. The Frankfurt had been convicted of assault, tax evasion, and seduction of minors to two and a half years in prison.

Schwesta Ewa: Who is the father of the child? + Many Fans speculate that the Rapper Xatar is the father. But Schwesta Ewa makes it clear that The “Baba” is someone else.© picture alliance/dpa

Many of the Fans of puzzles now in the comments, who could be the father of Schwesta Ewas Baby. A Name: Xatar (Chatar). The 36-Year-old self is a Rapper and boss of the music label “All or Nothing”, at the Frankfurt under the contract. But the pregnant Polish woman makes it clear in an Instagram Story: “you are so funny. Do You even know who the father is – you ask. All of the questions: Who the Baba is? Xatar is not of the Baba, no.” The word Baba means in Turkish father, but it also means as much as the Boss.

Schwesta Ewa has kept the pregnancy a secret + about Photoshop Was involved here? Schwesta Ewa kept her pregnancy secret for a long time.© Screenshot Instagram Schwesta Ewa

How did Schwesta Ewa for so long, her pregnancy secret? Also, the former prostitute has a reply: Photoshop! “As I had to edit with Photoshop the last few months, my pictures, was hell!”

Matthias Hoffmann