Rash, mental illness, loss of smell,

MD, chief infectious diseases specialist of Ministry of health Elena Malinnikova commented on further signs of the disease coronavirus infection.

on the Eve of the Ministry of health has approved the next version of the methodical recommendations for the treatment COVID-19, which States that the elderly among the first symptoms can appear delirium (delirium), conjunctivitis and tachycardia.

the document Also States that one of the signs of this disease can be rash.

Dr. Malinnikova on radio “Vesti FM” said that the doctors analysis of accumulated data suggests that when monitoring patients coronavirus infection have been detected skin rashes.

of Course, the rash is diverse, and it can be either a precursor or a concomitant symptom of coronavirus, and not related, said infectious disease physician.

She stressed that in this case, in the provisional recommendations of the Ministry of health for doctors and mentioned the rash to the doctors could diagnose.

But, as a rule, only the rash is not accompanied by coronavirus, it is necessary to look at other symptoms, the expert said.

Malinnikova also commented on reports about the possible changes in the psyche of the elderly when the disease Kovalam and possible loss of smell “for life” (previously such reports appeared in the media).

the Doctor drew attention to the fact that the aforementioned recommendations of the Ministry of health said on rehabilitation recover from this infection.

According to her, doctors have to understand how it will be, and how long to show the consequences of this disease.

Also commenting on the news about the opening of resorts in Italy and Spain, Elena Malinnikova recommended at least until the end of the year not to go there.

Previously, the need for rehabilitation of survivors Kovalam Вестям.Ru said Dr. Dmitry Edelev.