Reality shows and the production of delicacies: how restaurants are experiencing a pandemic

take away Food, deferred rents and parties online: the capital’s restaurants and bars are struggling to keep customers and stay afloat. They give master classes, conduct live broadcasts from the kitchen and master your own production of delicacies.

tonight is now online: live concerts and master classes from the chef — popular Moscow bar stays in touch with your visitors.

“We invented specifically for this event, cocktail party, told the guests how to do for a workpiece, and recorded video,” the bartender says Vasily Trubnikov.

the format of the delivery moved in the beginning of the epidemic, when the bar still worked, but the flow of visitors has fallen sharply. Their waiters was transferred to couriers.

“it is hard to walk every day for such long distances. Very tired legs,” complains the courier Mikhail Trubetskoy.

to keep the team agreed to postpone the rent. Started selling gift cards. To stay afloat subsidies to help small businesses and tax deferral. While coping.

“We’ll try to work on shipping and the money spend for the salary to support our team, which could potentially be completely without income,” says co-founder of the bar, Alexander Martynov.

new work giants and network. Inside allowed only couriers: temperature measurements, special Seating arrangements, processing of backpacks with steripod. Open to visitors inside the kitchen has long become a tradition. But now, when the halls are empty, watch the preparation of dinner, a TV show — all the details and live. Broadcast with five cameras is available on the website of “McDonald’s”. How often do the cooks wash their hands and change the mask? How much fried potato? The answers to all the questions in HD.

“the First camera shows the point of washing your hands. The second camera shows the dressing sandwichth. Third, the camera translates the process of cooking a juicy steak. The fourth zone of the workpiece fish and chicken semi-finished products. Fifth, the process of contactless issuance of the order to the courier,” shows Yulia Lukyanova, a consultant for the production of a McDonald’s restaurant.

a Lot of requests for delivery and the restaurant serving Georgian cuisine. But this special order is part of the charitable action “We together”.

“we Decided to evaluate the work of volunteers and encourage them, to feed tasty Georgian food. I hope that they will fill your hand and be ready for new feats,” explains Giorgi Martiashvili, chief operating officer of the restaurant chain.

Soup kharcho, kebab, rice, cranberry juice — these Lunches have already treated the physicians of Moscow and elderly, and today a gift for the volunteers.

“a Volunteer is a state of mind. They do their work quietly, for the benefit of residents of the Moscow region. Of course, they need to celebrate,” says Julia Belekhova, head of the regional Executive Committee of the popular front for the Moscow region.

Many restaurateurs fear that after the lifting of restrictions, visitors will not return immediately. Time to learn a new direction.

“the restaurant has ready proven technology, it has technologist, chef, all technical devices in order to make sausages, cheese, cheese,” explains restaurant critic Dmitry Alekseev.

In this way went the owner of Italian restaurant Giulio Zompi. It began production of meat delicacies. Recipes brought from his native Verona: fresh meat, natural spices, strict regime of temperature and humidity.

“We produce the Italian sausage is traditional, produce bulk products — prosciutto, mortadella. All the sweets, which are usually from Italy were brought,” says Giulio Zompi, owner of the restaurant.

Sausages and pates are willing to take on the implementation of the shops, so Giuseppe confident that the restaurant with a sobgovernmental trade exactly survive the epidemic.

Text: “to Conduct-Moscow”