Recognition of Iran: the reaction of Ukraine and the West

Office of the General Prosecutor of Ukraine adopted a decision to reclassify a criminal offence in the case of the collapse of the “Boeing”, “Ukraine International airlines” in Tehran. The investigation will continue under the criminal code of Ukraine provides for liability for the intentional murder of two or more people and the destruction of the aircraft, reports “Interfax”.

Meanwhile, in the us administration, the crash of the Boeing 737 called the result of the reckless actions of Iran. And has emphasized that Iran must abandon their reckless ambitions and start acting like a normal country, reports TASS.

the European Union expects Iran transparent investigation conforming to international standards, reports RIA Novosti. According to the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, confession Iran is already an important step, and the tragedy with the aircraft only underscores the importance of de-escalation of tensions in the region.

Swedish Prime Minister Stefan löfven said that the Iranian authorities should be held responsible for their actions.

the Boeing 737-800 Plane crashed immediately after takeoff from the Tehran airport, 176 passengers and 9 crew members died. Iran admitted his guilt, saying that the plane was shot down, confusing it with a cruise missile.

the Accident occurred on the background of the Iranian-American conflict became more acute with the elimination of the commander of the Islamic revolutionary guard Corps, Iran’s Qassem Soleimani.