Red, but without the glitter. In the army of Israel was allowed to paint your nails in a new color

Girls-officers of the Israel defense forces was allowed to paint your nails in a new color. If earlier it was allowed only white or pink lacquer, it is now possible to use light purple, light brown, light grey, red and Burgundy, according to the Agency TASS with reference to Israeli media.

However, any decorative elements, whether it’s even sequins, all else is prohibited. Moreover, all fingernails must be painted the same color.

Recall that In Israel military service in the army should be held by both men and women. True if the “strong” gender is 3 years, the “weak” – 2 years.

meanwhile, at the end of 2019 became aware of an unusual experiment, which is carried out in the armed forces of Finland. The local military decided to settle men and women under one roof. The initiative comes from the Finnish Union soldiers. The company believe that this will help to deal with discrimination in the army.