Regions gradually removing sanitary restrictions

the Number of new detected cases of coronavirus in the country amounted to 8985, a total of more than 13 million tests. In the capital and its suburbs — the highest number of healed — over two thousand people per day. Also good dynamics in St. Petersburg, Bryansk region, the Chuvash Republic. And for the entire period of the epidemic the disease has won more than 230 thousand people.

In these corridors once again sounded the voices of children. Preschools in the Kemerovo region work in normal mode. Resume and classes in gyms — in anticipation of customers of fitness clubs gently press a dumbbell.

“We have taken all measures that the CPS put forward to open gyms,” says Roman Ivanov, Director of the fitness club.

At the entrance — an antiseptic and a thermometer. Group sessions in the hall — binding markup. For the last days in Kuzbas — 34 new cases of infection with coronavirus. The lowest level of incidence in the Siberian Federal district.

the Waiting — at a safe distance, the extra chairs removed. In Vladivostok, the MFC staff learn to serve visitors in new ways. Important — pre-register.

“every day We take orders of magnitude 7-8 thousand calls, which was more than we took in MFC”, — says Sergey Alexandrov, Director DCP.

In Naryan-Mar — the main sign of relief — the opening of the summer navigation. The seaport took this year’s first flight.

“Upon arrival to Naryan-Mar, the passengers are checked by the staff of the CPS and doctors,” — said Yuri Peredery, Director of the transport company.

Limitations of coronavirus gradually removed. The leaders — those areas where the government and the people originally responsible attitude to provisional measures. Where the situation remains difficult, the quarantine story continues.

In the TRANS casetov with COVID-19 take military doctors. A field hospital was deployed in Chita. A chest x-ray and a more serious study was carried out on the spot.

“Ultrasonic apparatus of the expert class, which together with the results rentgenograficheskoe research allows us to track the dynamics of the patients”, — says Eugene Zhurbin, head of the x-ray room, the captain of the medical service.

In Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky positive tests for coronavirus — nearly three dozen employees of the orphanage. In the region of the reinforcements arrived doctors from Vladivostok and Moscow center of a name of Bakuleva.

Flash COVID-19 and in the Voronezh region. Mass infection — in home care for the elderly. Hotbed of coronavirus identified in the Voronezh Vodokanal.

“Positive tests were detected in seven employees, all of them are working in the same organizational unit not involved in the production and treatment of water,” said Elena Sarycheva, HR Director of Rosvodokanal.

With coronavirus are fighting not only the doctors. Ulyanovsk inventors the brunt of the bacteria offered to put UV in combination with ozone. Scientists believe that the medical staff will be able to safely leave the so-called “red zone”.

“gas is of high penetrating ability, which ensures us to, say, reduce the likelihood of transmission of the virus on clothing and shoes,” explains Gennady boots, the inventor.

this is the footage from Tyumen. After the easing of the quarantine of thousands of people flocked to the fresh air. The longing for the sea, the townspeople are saved from the heat by the water. About a safe distance, no one remembers.

In Sochi, where today the heat under 40, of the nearly two hundred beaches are available for swimming — yet twenty. Campers allowed without masks. But the distance between beds should be at least two meters.