Relapsed: publisher of spicy magazine

In Moscow detained the publisher of the magazine “Flirt” Dmitry zjabliceva. For many years he printed the booklets with the ads, behind which lurk in the underground Empire of sex services. Upon his release, he decided to take up the old, but using modern technology.

Support of special forces, a crowbar and a sledgehammer. To storm the apartment field investigators have prepared thoroughly. Voluntarily the door no one answered, had to use force.

outside the door the familiar police man. Dmitry tablici — editor of juicy magazine “Flirt”, that which many motorists slipped under the windshield wipers of their cars. During a search field investigators have come to the conclusion that the tablici relapsed. Notebooks and notepads with the names of the girls laptops with erotic photos and false accounting.

In 2017 zjabliceva was convicted for organizing prostitution. The investigators proved that the accused rented apartments in the capital for girls with a low social responsibility, and in the fields of “Flirting” printed on their ad. Clients communicated with the prostitutes through a dedicated call center. A percentage of every order dripping in the pocket of the publisher.

Apparently, freed, Zyablitsev decided to move the old business to a new track. Along with the alleged accomplices — they were also detained — launched still the case online.

“the Investigators established that the attackers had posted online ads for the provision of sexual services for remuneration, accompanying them with pictures of girls. Called the number reported the address of the premises where they provide sex services,” — said Irina Wolf, the official representative of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia.

According to some, a year spent at liberty, Zyablitsev Dmitry earned almost 50 million rubles. Against him opened a new criminal case under the old article.

Text: “Vesti-Moscow”