Renata Litvinova has promised not to leave the family of Ephraim in the hour

the Actress Renata Litvinova has told “MK” that came to the house of Michael Ephraim, together with his daughter Anna Maria. Litvinov explained that her daughter loves Ephraim and wanted to support him in difficult times. Mikhail Yefremov is accused of drunken driving and the death of a person in an accident.

Also Litvinova talked to the wife of Ephraim Sofia. Litvinov assured that it will continue to help the family of the artist and support them.

According to Litvinova, Anna Maria wanted to find a way to contact the family of the deceased in the accident Sergei Zakharov, that offered their condolences and offer assistance.

At the house of Ephraim, said Litvinov, is currently staffed by a crowd of journalists and “inadequate”. She believes that the family of Ephraim shall be subjected to persecution.

Mikhail Efremov on Monday night, crashed his Jeep Grand Cherokee to “Tune” the 57-year-old courier the online store of Sergey Zakharov. A head-on collision occurred on the Garden ring in Moscow. From serious injury Zakharov died in hospital. The tests established that the blood of Ephraim was alcohol and drugs. The artist is under house arrest. If his guilt is established by court, Ephraim faces up to 12 years in prison.