Renata needs surgery on his liver

The 7-year-old Renata from the Saratov region a rare diagnosis — the syndrome of portal hypertension, functioning Aranziv duct. This means that the circulating blood bypass the liver, so the body can quickly accumulate toxins. The boy suffers from constant headaches. So the doctors could perform the necessary operation for the child, the parents must acquire a vascular occluder with which it is possible endovascular closing of Aranziv duct. However, the cost is 185 000. Independently find the money a large family not.

Help Renata Urazovo

Renat was born 19 Jul 2012. At the age of two years old, doctors diagnosed with severe anemia. In the clinic of Hematology, the baby had red blood cell transfusions. In the future, the child was taking drugs that increase the level of iron.

In 3 years Renata had surgery for bilateral cryptorchidism. And since 2019 the boy constantly plagued by frequent headaches, protoplanet, irritability. To detect the cause of poor health in a child for a long time failed. However, in April 2020 has vrachevanie the boy portal hypertension.

“was hospitalized in the 4th surgery Department DGKB them. N. F. Filatova in Moscow. While in the clinic Renata made the survey and was diagnosed with syndrome of portal hypertension, functioning Aranziv duct, varicose veins of the esophagus 1 degree,” says the mother of Renata.

the operation the doctors of the Filatov hospital will hold a free. However it requires a vascular occluder with which it will be possible to close Aranziv duct. The cost of consumables for the operation is quite high — 185 000 rubles.

“we Have a large family, dad has one, the eldest son in College, so to save up or save up we can’t. We are forced to seek help from all concerned people. Please help us to cure his son. We BUdem grateful for any help” he calls mother Renata to all concerned people.

Help Renata Urazovo

Also to help the boy by sending SMS to 7545 with any donation amount (example: 300) or SMS to 3434 with the word “Help” and any donation amount (example: Help 300).

a Donation can be done through “Sberbank online” (on the memo line, please indicate “Charitable contribution for Urazova Renata”).