Renowned photographer Sergey Bermeniev accused of rape: behind the scenes

Photoshoot with a sequel. New details the scandalous story with the participation of famous photographer Sergey Bermeniev. Investigators are checking the application of the model of rape. The alleged author of the portraits of Joseph Brodsky, Quentin Tarantino, al Pacino and other superstars abused the girl during a casting. But the appearance of video surveillance can drastically expand the scandal.

the building of the Presnensky investigatory Department all day was crowded. Numerous journalists and bloggers were waiting for the famous photographer Sergey Bermeniev. The investigator summoned him for questioning on the application model Daria Fisun rape. But the photographer never showed. Apparently, somewhere far away thinking about his future and build the line of defense. The model itself Fisun last night have already visited in the same investigation division.

the journalists ‘ questions photomodel Daria Fisun is not responding. Apparently ran out of words. In the investigator’s office she spent most of the night. The interrogation lasted six hours. Judging by the shots taken through the window of the investigative division, the model even managed to relax a little, reclining on the couch at the time, while the investigative Committee has issued documents on your computer. And then Daria Fisun, apparently, began to explain the circumstances of the crime. Here it is, apparently, personally writes a statement. Here is a nail rubbing his pouting lips, as if flirting with the investigator. On the face of a model, not a drop of fatigue. No scratches or abrasions. However, Daria finds herself the victim. Supposedly she was raped.

“At present, the set of verification activities aimed at establishing all the circumstances of the incident. The applicant interviewed. Appointed forensic medical examination”, — said senior assistant on interaction with mass-media of GSU SK the Russian Federation across Moscow Julia Ivanova.

Darya told investigators that she was violated by renowned photographer Sergeth Bermeniev. It is called one of the most outstanding masters of his craft in Russia. 56-year-old photographer specializiruetsya on portraits, but works in other genres.

“This is a fantastic opportunity to see the country with new eyes for the man who does not move,” — said Sergey Bermeniev in the photo contest “the Most beautiful country” in may 2019. At various times he posed the poet Joseph Brodsky, filmmakers Federico Fellini and Quentin Tarantino, musician Viktor Tsoi, Hollywood stars Richard Gere and Meryl Streep. And one of the latest models was just a little-known Daria Fisun.

According to our data, in a statement, the girl said that Bermeniev through his assistant invited her to a photo shoot to his home on Zoologicheskaya, 22. Took a few pictures, and then gave them a drink of wine, took him into the bedroom and raped her. After sent her to shower and called a taxi.

a Criminal case under the statement of the model is in no hurry to initiate. Apparently confused by the inconsistencies in the testimony and footage access camera. At them time of release Fisun from the apartment of the photographer. Cute girl says goodbye to the landlord in Slippers on his bare feet and underwear. Hugging him goodbye, kisses his neck and leaves. But within hours, the girl came to the police and told me that she had been raped. The photographer, according to our data, considers the ongoing provocation and desire the model to get a cheap popularity due to its loud name. If this is true, and the model itself can wait for criminal liability for false denunciation. And while investigators continue to look into what actually happened behind the scenes of the controversial photo shoot.