Of course, you have the “right to make mistakes”. But this applies restrictively, and in no way protects against tax audits. You still have a few days left to complete, check or modify your tax return for the year 2023. And if you want to avoid the tax administration asking you for an audit, you will need to be particularly vigilant on the various points listed in the slideshow below.

Your tax return is not the only factor that can cause the tax authorities to take a close interest in your finances. So some trips you took would cause alerts and ultimately result in a check. It also happens that these in-depth checks are the consequence of a denunciation. They can also take place during an inheritance, which is more common than it seems.

If this were to happen, the process for individuals generally resembles that for businesses: after notification of a notice, it will be necessary to produce a certain number of supporting documents, respond to requests for clarification and possibly pay additional sums. .

Of course, nothing will prevent the tax authorities from looking into your file, but to give yourself every chance of avoiding disappointments, it is better not to neglect the following points in particular, identified in particular by the MoneyVox site, as well as the site specializing in legal information Village Justice, the JDN, and verified in particular using the information provided on the website of the Ministry of the Economy and Finance. Here is a list of these specific points of your tax return that it is better to study carefully if you want to put all the chances on your side to avoid a tax audit.