British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is heavily criticized in the government’s report on the “Partygate” affair. Internal investigator Sue Gray repeated her allegations that Downing Street had failed in leadership and judgment in her report released on Wednesday. Gray had investigated several Downing Street lockdown parties where corona rules had been broken.

“The events I studied were attended by government leaders,” Gray wrote. “Many of these events should not have been allowed.” Employees assumed that their participation was allowed because leading politicians were also present. The leadership must bear the responsibility, demanded Gray. The events fell far short of the expected standards. There was some “excessive alcohol consumption”. Many people are “dismayed” by the behavior at the heart of the government, the official wrote.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson apologized again for breaking corona rules at lockdown parties in Downing Street. He takes full responsibility, but has learned from the mistakes, Johnson said in Parliament on Wednesday. There have already been changes, which internal investigator Sue Gray also noted in her “Partygate” report. The prime minister did not mention a resignation.

Johnson said he stopped by meetings to express thanks and appreciation to his hard-working employees. “Some of these meetings lasted longer than necessary and were clearly a breach of the rules,” the prime minister admitted. He was not aware of these violations at the time. He was just as surprised and disappointed as everyone else.

Johnson stressed that the police investigation had shown that his behavior had not broken the rules except for one case. Now that the investigation is complete, the country can look ahead and leave the case behind. The police have now imposed a total of more than 120 penalties on dozens of participants because of the rule violations.

British opposition leader Keir Starmer called on MPs from the ruling Conservative party to impeach Prime Minister Boris Johnson. The Tories must now be held accountable, the Labor Party leader said in London on Wednesday after the Partygate report by an internal investigator delivered devastating testimony to Downing Street leadership. It’s about several parties at the seat of government during the pandemic-related lockdown, where corona rules were broken.

“The report reveals the rot that has spread under this Prime Minister at 10 Downing Street,” Starmer said. You can’t make laws and break them at the same time. It was high time for Johnson to pack his things. If at least 54 Conservative MPs withdraw their confidence in Johnson, there will be a vote of no confidence within the group.

With an eye on an ongoing police investigation in Durham, England, into a social gathering around Starmer during the corona lockdown, the Labor politician renewed his promise to step down from office if the police imposed a fine for it. “The public needs to know that not all politicians are the same,” Starmer said.