Rescue operation in the tundra: the river Barn cleaned from oil products

Main phase of works on liquidation of emergency situations in Krasnoyarsk region almost completed. In conjunction with Federal and provincial emergency services and the company “Norilsk Nickel” effects of the fuel spill was eliminated, the specialists of “Transneft” and “Gazprom oil”. Joint efforts to cope with the problem was for two weeks.

From huge spots of oil on the river Barn remained a small island of brown color. Emergency rescue squad “Gazprom oil” has completed the cleaning of the riverbed and now leads work on the tributaries and shoreline.

to achieve this result, the team were working on the emergency site from 4 June . For liquidation of consequences of oil spill specialists of “Gazprom oil” urgently seconded from Megion, Khanty-Mansiysk, Noyabrsk and Saint Petersburg. Total for the day was mobilized and enormous technical resources. In Norilsk were transferred 85 tons of cargo is machinery, booms, a camp.

“in Conjunction with FEMA and other rescue workers installed more than 43 booms with a total length of 4 thousand meters. In addition to oil containment booms sorbent booms installed, about 21 of the turn set length of 2300 meters,” — said the head of the Department of industrial safety, “Gazprom oil” Viktor Sorokin.

Rescuers worked in several remote areas and collected more than 8 thousand cubic meters of toxic liquid. All of it is now kept in temporary containers and not flowed into the lake Pyasino and then — in the Kara sea. The work of oil specialists are working round the clock to save the Arctic environment, praised Vladimir Putin and emergency situations Minister Yevgeny Senichev personally visited the tent camp of the rescuers and gave them gratitude.

Now the most difficult stage of the special operation in the tundra ended. A large part of the squad have already returned home.

“Dry statistics, of course, do not reflect the efforts that were spent by our staff to eliminate emergency situations in Krasnoyarsk region. Moreover, the services result are unable to influence or negative temperature or squally wind, pouring rain and, of course, the territorial dispersion of production facilities work”, — noted the General Director “Slavneft-Megionneftegaz” Michael Cherevko.

the Territory, which cleared the rescuers, is now studied by ecologists. The tundra and the river Orb which flowed oil, rekultivirovat and will develop the area plan for the restoration of flora and fauna.