Rescued in Primorye, the tiger got the name

the villagers Gornovodnoe in the North-East of Primorye, near which saved the Amur tiger, came up with her name.

tiger Cub was caught in the Olga district. This female was about 9 — 10 months. She wasn’t afraid of people and was without a mother, so I decided to catch it and deliver it to a rehabilitation center, reports “Interfax”. After two weeks of recovery, the condition of the tiger is much improved, she began to hunt in the enclosure, adequately responds to the people eating and drinking.

a name for the saved were chosen by the villagers. They called her Sunday — in honor of the old name of the village Gornovodnoe — Sandagou.

the Amur tiger is the largest tiger subspecies on the planet. He is listed in the Red books of Russia and the world. According to the records, 2014-2015, size of the population in Russia is estimated to 540 individuals.

this year in Primorye completed the monitoring of Amur tigers. The aim of the project is to track changes in predator populations. The census of the tiger population, conducted once in 10 years. The movements of predators monitored with special radio collars and camera traps and video cameras.