Rescuers at a mile and chased the dog, ran away from the crashed car

Firefighters from the village of Uvat, located in the Tyumen region, rescued a dog escaped from a car that crashed in the accident, reported the press service of the regional Department of the emergency situations Ministry.

on Thursday, January 9, on the route Tyumen – Khanty-Mansiysk car Mazda collided with a truck. Injured two people – the driver and passenger of the car.

“Come to the people remembered that they were not alone. Another passenger was a Fox Terrier named Chun. Dog was not near the scene of the accident”, — stated in the message Department.

the Injured were sent to hospital, and rescuers have started searching for the animal. They managed to find tracks going off into the woods, and the witness who saw a small dog black and white color, had fled away from the scene of the accident.

emergency workers went to the forest and followed the footprints of the dog a mile. They managed to overtake the fugitive, but the frightened animal was immediately given into the hands.

In the end, Chun managed to catch, feed, warm up and a few hours to return to their owners.