Residents of Yaroslavl propose to give the zoo a Christmas tree

the Inhabitants of Yaroslavl propose to give the zoo a Christmas tree. As transfers TV “Yaroslaviya”, the action has already become traditional and is held for the eighth time. Spruce to bring you directly to the entrance and to give the servants of the zoo.

the Meaning postnovogodny of the event to not throw away already lost the freshness and beauty of coniferous tree in the trash and not to litter the city. The green beauty you can bring to the city zoo and give to its inhabitants. According to zoologists, animals need vitamin C and it in the spruce contains large amounts. So that coniferous trees will be a great addition to the daily diet of animals.

by the Way, pine branches employees of the zoo are used not only as feed for animals. Spruce serve as an excellent material for bedding in the cages, and will also go to the arrangement of the hedges.

Text: state television and radio company “Yaroslavia”