Respect the work of cleaners: Lukashenko came to the interview barefoot

the Belarusian TV showed, as the President of the Republic Alexander Lukashenko came to the interview barefoot. During that interview, took off his shoes, and the journalist who talked with the President.

the Corresponding footage included in the film of the TV channel “Belarus 1” called “Presidential pool”.

In one of the episodes correspondent Andrei Krivosheev, who took the President’s interview at his residence, says: “a Curious detail, which has remained behind the scenes – Lukashenko said that he is here at home and respect the work of cleaners”.

the reporter noted that the first time I interviewed barefoot at barefoot President.

“this is the openness of President Lukashenko, which often speak to journalists,” noted the authors of the film.

it is Reported that the interview Lukashenka took following his meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin. It was held in February this year in Sochi.