All generations combined: the tax deduction is “the carrot of retirement savings plans (PER)”. It is triggered when you voluntarily pay money into your plan, recalls the Money Vox site.

A piece of advice from the specialized site: if you have voluntarily placed money in an individual PER, a now “old” Perp or even a Madelin contract before the end of December, remember to indicate the amount in your 2024 declaration in order to to deduct it from your 2023 income subject to tax. Normally, you should have received a single tax form from your plan manager to tell you the amounts to fill out.

In short: if you paid money into a retirement savings plan, or PER, in 2023; Deposits on these plans allow you to benefit from a tax deduction, and therefore lower your income tax.

At the end of March 2024, France Assureurs announced 5.7 million holders of “new” insurance version plans, and 10 million in total, adding in particular collective PERs, subscribed to in employee savings, reports the Money Vox site. As a reminder, the new retirement savings plan has been available for subscription since October 2019.

Thus, whatever the type of PER, individual or company, the payments that you make voluntarily (excluding participation or profit-sharing bonuses or other compulsory payments from the employer) can be deducted. But be careful, there is an exception: if you knowingly waived this tax advantage at the time of payment. In this case, there is no need to enter these payments on your declaration.

Otherwise, here’s how to go about being deductible with both the new and old versions.

If you want to deduct your payments when filing your taxes. You will need to go to the tax sites in the section: “deductible charges”, paragraph “retirement savings”: “contributions paid to new retirement savings plans”.

Then, you will need to fill in box 6NS (or 6NT for the co-declarant) the amount paid voluntarily in 2023 on these new PER. Boxes 6OS and 6OT are dedicated to voluntary payments made by self-employed workers.

If you haven’t transformed your “old” retirement savings plan into a PER? Direct to the online platform: contributions made on a Perp (or similar products such as Préfon, Corem, etc.) must be declared on line 6RS-6RT according to the identity of the member of the household who made the payment, details the site. Finally, for Madelin contracts, reserved for self-employed workers, the 2023 payments must be entered on line 6QS-6QT, adds the dedicated site.

You may also be wondering how much you can declare each year? We’ll answer you.

The deduction is based on your earned income. What appears each year on your tax notice. A notice received last fall specifies your deduction limit, at least if the tax authorities identify you as “a potential retirement saver”, details the Money Vox site.

This deduction ceiling is common to all retirement savings schemes. The latter also appears on your declaration, in the same “retirement savings” section, line 6PS only serving to correct this ceiling if you notice a calculation error, remind the government site and Money Vox. On, you can click on the button “To consult or modify the overall ceiling” opposite the 6PS line in order to find out your ceiling and the history of recent years.

Finally, if you are a couple and subject to joint taxation, you can choose to add their respective ceilings by checking box 6QR; more than useful detail in the event of a significant gap in income, professional situations or different savings capacity, the specialized site judiciously points out.