Sunshine, calm, transport, various services… Obviously, everyone will retain their own criteria. If you are considering settling near one of the French coasts, you will at least be spoiled for choice. From the North Sea to the Bay of Biscay via the shores of the Mediterranean, there are many towns and villages in France that attract seniors.

However, contrary to popular belief, their proportion is not excessively higher in regions close to the coasts than in other regions, at least if this map established by INSEE using 2021 data still reflects the reality. It thus appears that the share of retirees (under the general scheme) in the total population exceeds 25% in many departments, some of which are rather far from the coasts. It is even in Indre, a very central department, that we find the highest proportion of retirees compared to the general population (27.9%).

Do you still want to put your boxes by the sea? You wouldn’t be alone! Since the Covid crisis, many French people have chosen to set up their homes there, encouraged by the rise of teleworking, as highlighted by a study by the Jean Jaurès Foundation. If you want to join these assets to enjoy the most pleasant aspects of coastal areas, here is a selection of towns and villages, from various rankings, such as the 2024 edition of “cities and villages where life is good”, but also from the Cap Retraite website, Nexity or even Geo magazine. While waiting to settle there, you can always choose these destinations for trips.