Having a child can disrupt your personal life but also your professional career, especially for women who are most affected by this change. Taking these parameters into account, pension plans grant additional rights to mothers and fathers upon retirement.

The basic pension plan is determined based on the average salary of your best 25 years of working income. Then, you must apply the rate of 50% to this average annual salary to obtain the amount of your full rate basic pension. If you have worked less than 25 years, your average annual income corresponds to the average of your gross salaries.

Parenthood entitles you to additional quarters of free retirement insurance, for which you do not need to contribute. This benefit is otherwise called quarter increase for children.

For each child born, parenthood gives the right to additional trimesters. Children who were adopted as minors are also concerned:

Having children allows parents to increase their number of quarters for calculating the pension in the basic system. They can also benefit from an increase in the amount of the pension, under certain conditions, for the two plans, Retirement Insurance and Agirc-Arrco.

If you have decided to benefit from parental educational leave, which can last up to 5 years maximum, you are entitled to an increase in your retirement insurance period equal to the duration of your parental leave. “That is to say that you are entitled to additional quarters of free retirement insurance (without any contribution in return)”, indicates the public service.

If you have three or more children, the amount of your Retirement Insurance pension is increased by 10%. “The children taken into account are the children you had and the children who were in your care or in the care of your spouse and whom you raised for at least 9 years before their 16th birthday,” specifies the service -audience.

If you have had a child under the age of 20 who is 80% disabled in your permanent care, you benefit from one quarter when receiving the Disabled Child Education Allowance (AEEH). Then, you benefit from one quarter per 30-month period of payment of this allowance, within the limit of 8 quarters.

If you are a stay-at-home parent without professional activity or with partial professional activity, you can, under certain conditions, be affiliated free of charge, that is to say without paying contributions, to Social Security retirement insurance.