Riots in USA: another death another wave of protests

In Atlanta, began another mass protest. The organizers promise to take to the streets of an American city of about five thousand people. Reason — to Express dissatisfaction are investigating the death of Rashard Brooks, who died at the hands of the police. The situation in Atlanta is threatened at any moment to spiral out of control.

Outraged by the murder of Rashard Brooks came under the Georgia state Capitol to demand reforms and protest against police brutality. The crowd gathered outside Martin Luther king Jr. near his statue. Atlanta is the hometown fighter for the rights of black Americans. “I have a dream, but true she has not yet had,” — said the king.

While some protesting, others are doing business. Here and there scurry traders shirts with pictures of the dead at the hands of the police. The big picture — George Floyd. Brooks to reprint have not yet.

Spontaneous memorial in memory of Richarde Brooks — right at the fence of the diner, Wendy’s, near which he was killed. The school burned to the ground. Atlanta police have more and more suspicions that purpose. Then probably was prepared the second Minneapolis.

Surveying the ruins with air so it looked the night of the protests. Firefighters chose not to intervene. Near police disperse protesters with tear gas. Somewhere in the crowd disappeared and the arsonist. The police promised 10 thousand dollars for information about a white woman in a mask, who allegedly set fire to a restaurant. It accidentally took off the witnesses. What organization was represented by the arsonist or acted alone is not yet clear, but there are radicals out.

Suddenly, the diner gets hot. The murder of Brooks with the beeps drove the column. The situation is out of control almost instantly. In the street there is the youth — she blocks the move. The police prefer not to intervene.

the Death of Rashard Brooks black youth bemelts lawlessness. The whole conversation with him, two patrol caught on lapel camera of one of the police officers. Called them out because he fell asleep in his car blocking the road to the tavern. Brooks breathed a breathalyzer — the breathalyzer showed the excess. How much and what to drink, to explain he could not. A struggle ensued, in which Brooks was able to snatch one of the officers Taser — stun gun. The result of the victim overtook the shots. Ready-made reports sudmedekspertiza Fulton County. From this it follows that bullets were two, Brooks died of blood loss.

the Names of famous police officers. The gunman Garrett, Rolf fired, Devin Bronson suspended. Without waiting for the opening of the case, the resignation of the head of the Atlanta police Department Eric shields. Place white resigned boss is a black Deputy.

Twitter trump about Brooks — still silence. The American President is concerned about the situation in Seattle, where part of the city exists in the form of an Autonomous zone that is not subject either to local authorities or the police.

“did Anyone notice how little the capture of the Seattle left-wing radicals discussed in the media, who publish fictional news? This is largely on purpose, because they know what the political importance of such weakness and incompetence. The mayor of Seattle and Governor of the state of Washington should be ashamed. It is easy to fix,” wrote Donald trump.

their hands of the situation tried to take a group of American patriots. With the stars and stripes in hand, they entered the area, to make it clear — Capitol hill in Seattle is still a US territory. To come immediately pounced, flags away, the guests drove. Chased and almost beat Christian preacher, who came into the Autonomous area, to encourage anarchists to repentance. After the expulsion from the area, the preacher even wrote a message to Trump:

— Mr. trump, I support you 100 percent, but this situation should immediately take control, there is lawlessness. The mayor of loser, she’s spineless and can’t repel these people.

But in the area encouraged by the support of the mayor Durkan (she promised them a whole summer of love) seems prepared to sit through the autumn — break gardens. However, forays beyond the zone too happen. The crowd broke into the Seattle office of the company Small Tender — demanded the release of one of the protesters. He was caught while trying to set fire to the office of the company.

Restless not just in Seattle. In Richmond, for example, police are defending their own land. Was brought there by one of the leaders of the protest and the crowd gathered to beat. In new York during the next rally dumpster smash the Windows of parked cars.

Each such roller — extra argument to the Treasury of those who demand to cut U.S. funding to the police or even to dissolve it. This is the dream, for example, the radical Congressman from Minnesota. The Minneapolis city Council voted to disband the police Department. However, the police was already quieter water below the grass.

the Police in America still works, but the current protests of many in the US are accustomed to rely now on.