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San Francisco is still sleeping, as Melissa Blaustein – curly hair, a coral-coloured bathing suit – in a hurry shortly after seven o’clock in the morning, half an hour after sunrise, to the water. Prior to the 30-Year-old, the Bay, thick clouds impose the red pillars of the Golden Gate Bridge. Out of the water, the infamous prison island of Alcatraz looms. The fog makes the city look as if they were wrapped with cotton candy. “The streets are still empty and the city is quiet. I have the feeling that I have of San Francisco at this time nearly for me alone,” says the American. She takes a run and jumps from the Pier in the 13 degree cold water. “There is no better feeling than being in the cold water,” los calls you and the crawl. Your yellow bathing cap glows in the calm waves of the steel-blue water.

Melissa Blaustein, 30, founded more than five years ago, the company, Allied For Startups, a global network for Start-ups, Entrepreneurs and Venture Capitalists, the rules and laws for Start-ups would like to improve. A year ago, you ran for city Council in Sausalito. © private

For many people, sounds awful: get up early and jump into the cold water. For Bluestone the Swim is your Ritual in the Morning. Morning routines such as these are popular with entrepreneurs and celebrities just like the cars from Tesla. Actually, this means only that someone every Morning, the Same power. Some drink coffee, others a creams the feet or cut to your Bonsai. Because you can’t drink but only coffee to drink coffee, gets the Routine a significance, a meaning. The power of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg (he usually wears a gray T-Shirt and Jeans, because he wants to meet in the morning as few decisions), the former American President, Barack Obama (he lifts Weights and eats Breakfast with the family) or the talk-show host and businesswoman Oprah Winfrey (she meditates for 20 minutes and then runs on the home trainer). Instead of pressing in the morning, five times the snooze button, celebrate the first hours of the day and convey early superiority. Because of the Morning to decide how to be focused and successful in the Rest of the day. And who doesn’t want to be successful?

at ten o’clock in the evening, go to bed and then get up early

The Morning of Melissa Blaustein actually starts on the eve. She grabs her swim bag, swimming suit, towels and Shampoo, on your house boat in the Sausalito Bay, a small resort on the other side of the Golden Gate Bridge. Most of the time you at the latest at ten o’clock to bed. This Morning in August, your Smartphone rings at six o’clock and wakes you up with the Song Under the sea from the Soundtrack of the movie the little mermaid. You drink a Cold Brew coffee and driving with the car over the bridge to the Pier at the South End Rowing Club, a club for rowers and swimmers. “I’ll leave it just more relaxed,” says Blaustein. Normally, you would have mastered by this time already Weights and would swim a few laps in the indoor swimming pool.

“My daily life is crazy. I travel a lot and need the phone with colleagues in different time zones,” says Blaustein. More than five years ago, she founded the company, Allied For Startups, a global network for Start-ups, Entrepreneurs and Venture Capitalists, wants to improve policies and laws for such. In addition, she worked for the Fuel Freedom Foundation, a NGO in Africa, as Director for digital programs. In the autumn of last year, you ran for city Council in Sausalito. You put like goals that seem once impossible, says Blaustein.

“Swimming structured my day and gives me strength.” The hours in the cold water describes the businesswoman as her zone-out. The cold, the clarity, the peace, the track, this is for you, such as Meditation. No phone ringing, no E-Mail POPs up, no one writes messages. You will enjoy the solitude in the water. “If I start my day and a personal To-do’s got checked off, I feel more productive,” she says.

“The body has to get used to the cold.”

Melissa Blaustein, 30, American founder

your morning routine is not selected by Melissa Blaustein aware of how other download a Meditationsapp to. She discovered the Swimming accidentally. “I was never an early riser, and I was never a particularly sporty type,” she says. Until you wanted to participate two years ago in a Triathlon and started exercising. Only the crawl, she couldn’t. “I don’t know how I breathe, and the head must keep,” she says. Then she took lessons and noticed that she was well, and that you made the Swim fun. First, they swam in the indoor pool, soon with a wetsuit in the Bay. They increased from day to day. After two weeks, they dared only in a bathing suit in the water. “The body has to get used to the cold,” she says. Sometimes they stand, therefore, simply an hour in the water. “I know, I’m not going to be the fastest swimmer, I’ll probably never win a Competition, but I have endurance. I can swim in eight-degree cold water for eight hours. Not many people can,” she says.