The parliament-appointed Libyan government of Fathi Baschagha has announced its move to Tripoli, seat of the internationally recognized government of Abdelhamid Dbeibah. Baschagha “arrived in the capital Tripoli, accompanied by several ministers, to start his work there,” said his press service on Tuesday night. Shortly thereafter, there were clashes between armed groups in Tripoli, as an AFP journalist reported.

Parliament appointed Baschagha to head an interim government on February 10 in the eastern city of Tobruk. Baschagha is backed by the influential General Chalifa Haftar, who unsuccessfully tried to take Tripoli in 2019. Baschagha should replace Abdelhamid Dbeibah, who has headed the government in Tripoli since 2020. However, Dbeibah only wants to cede power to a government elected by the people.

Dbeibah and Baschagha can each count on the support of rival armed groups. The UN and Western countries are urging Dbeibah to fulfill its mission and continue to organize elections.

The elections were originally scheduled for December last year but have been postponed indefinitely. Dbeibah’s political rivals believe his mandate has come to an end with this postponement.

Since the fall of longtime ruler Muammar al-Gaddafi in 2011, Libya has been shaken by violence and power struggles. Foreign soldiers and mercenary groups from Russia and Turkey, for example, are also involved in local fighting.