Road fatalities with Ephraim Riazan had planned to visit her mother

the Mother 57-year-old Ryazantsev Sergey Zakharov, who was killed in an accident involving Mikhail Yefremov does not know about the incident. Relatives say the woman, fearing that she won’t survive, reports GTRK “Oka”.

residents of the village of Kuzminki, where he was born Sergei, saying that their relationship was close. The son came home, even when left to work to Moscow. On the weekends he was supposed to visit her mother, but in his van collided with an SUV Ephraim.

Recall, the analysis showed that the actor was in a state of alcoholic intoxication. Now he could be jailed for up to 12 years.

Information about a terrible accident on the Garden ring, immediately spread sites all informationis agencies. That the tragedy with the participation of popular Russian actor suffered a resident of the Ryazan region, it became known later, when he died in the hospital. In a frontal collision of a delivery truck with a luxury car from the driver-courier didn’t stand a chance.

In his native village respected Sergei Zakharov. The man often come here, caring for elderly mother. It is not said that the son is no longer alive. “James lived in Ryazan, often went to work in the capital, but there is no choice. He was a master of all trades. Every week visiting my mother,” says a friend of Sergey Zakharov Natalia Aksenova.

In Ryazan victim left a wife and two children: a daughter and a son. To feed a family, the father was forced to go to Moscow to work. Found a job in the delivery service. Ten minutes before the accident, Sergei gave his final order.

this high-profile Investigation of the accident will control the city Prosecutor’s office to the social status of the accused did not affect the progress of the investigation. Yesterday Mikhail Efremov was released from the place of incident home under recognizance not to leave. Today, he was not allowed in their quartIra officers who came to deliver him in for questioning. Near the entrance throughout the day on duty ambulance.

the Death of Sergey Zakharov again forced to raise the question of the fairness of the punishment of drunken driving. Note that daily in Russia, drunk drivers cause the deaths of 10 people, and about 60 are injured and become disabled. Many see the reason of such statistics in the loyalty of the justice system to an influential violators.

Today participate in the fundraiser for the family of the deceased Ryazantsev took friends and colleagues of Mikhail Efremov. Well-known writer and journalist Viktor Shenderovich has posted on his personal page on the social network such a post: “I think that friends and friends of Michael did not do anything, so he did not sit down behind the wheel drunk, should support this family!”.

However, the focus now is the investigation. The view that the court must remain impartial, are becoming more frequent. The reason for doubt is, after all, the history with the famous and influential offenders in Russia are not uncommon. In the homeland of Sergey Zakharov hope that the tragic death of her husband and son did not join this statistic.

Text: GTRK “Oka”