Rod Stewart, along with son was arrested for a brawl at a children's party

Rock star 1970-90’s Rod Stewart scuffled with a security guard at a children’s party, reports the Mirror. 74-year-old musician had a rest with a 39-year-old son in Florida, in the resort of palm beach. The incident occurred after the Stewarts and their friends tried to get private child’s party. The conflict with the guard of the event led to the scuffle, which injured an employee of the resort. After that, guests and security called the police to quell the raging musician.

the rock musician and his entourage were drawn up an administrative Protocol, February 5, they should stand trial, in spite of the apology to the employees of the resort.

Rod Stewart is among the best selling singers of the early career sold around 120 million records of his songs. The British occupied the 17th place in the list of the most successful artists in the history of the results of the American hit parade Billboard Hot 100.

In 2016, Queen Elizabeth has devoted singer in the knights.