Rosfinmonitoring: part of government contracts in the field of combating coronavirus terminated

about 160 materials by unscrupulous executors of state contracts for activities to combat coronavirus Rosfinmonitoring handed over to law enforcement. Some of them contracts were terminated and prosecuted. The head of service Yuri Chikhanchin said at the meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

the Agency took monitoring about 7 thousand contracts, about 4.5 thousand performers. Part of the material about the number of artists who were in the area of risks, we had to select and transfer to the Prosecutor General, the FSB, the interior Ministry, said the head of Rosfinmonitoring.

After that, the Agency notes a positive trend: the decline suspicious transactions of one-day firms, the use of Bank accounts of dubious manufacture. Yuri Chikhanchin noted an increase in discipline directly with those companies who work with the coronavirus. A similar situation exists in the purchase of medical equipment and the ventilator.

Vladimir Putin also instructed to bring to court cases that are filed after inspections of Rosfinmonitoring, to “they are not damped out along the way.”Chikhanchin has promised to execute the order.

“Together with the Federal Antimonopoly service and Federal security service detected cartels 700 million this year, and their contracts terminated. The saved budget funds, i.e. where not given the opportunity for unscrupulous contractors to come out 3.8 billion. In fact, the damages are nearly 3 billion rubles — this is where taxes are returned voluntarily. And opened about 50 criminal cases. About 2 billion are arrested”, — reported the head of Rosfinmonitoring Yury Chikhanchin at the meeting with the President.