Rosfinmonitoring, the Russian Federation managed to

Rosfinmonitoring jointly with the Central Bank, FSB, MVD and the Prosecutor General’s office spent “cleaning” of the banking sector, said at a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, Director of Rosfinmonitoring Yuri Chikhanchin.

Thanks to the measures taken managed to get rid of unreliable banks.

“If we are a year and a half ago talked about the fact that we have a few dozen shadow markets in the country, today we can say that somewhere around a dozen only. And we can see them and slowly begin to liquidate,” said Chikhanchin.

the Head of Rosfinmonitoring noted that demand in the “gray” shadow money remains, and unscrupulous businessmen go to overseas sites. Chikhanchin said that is working closely with colleagues from Kyrgyzstan, financial intelligence in a joint operation have arrested 2 billion rubles, and the illegal withdrawal of funds from Russia to Kyrgyzstan reduced seven times.

According to the Federal financial monitoring service, the volume of questionable transactions reduced by an average of 20-30% annually.

In the 2019 financial intelligence spent about 4 thousand investigations, including in respect of more than 120 organizations in the financial sector on the subject of “engagement” in the conduct of suspicious transactions, information about which was received from Bank of Russia and law enforcement agencies.