Roskoshestvo clarified how to get a refund for a product that was bought

Sometimes we check check for store-bought products, only returning home. What to do when a check paid for goods which you did not take from the shelf and took him? How to return the money in such a situation? Suggest experts Roskoshestvo.

“If the buyer pays money for a product that is not acquired – it is nothing like cheating the consumer. It provides for liability to a fine under article 14.7 of the administrative code of the Russian Federation “consumer Fraud”, including measuring, obveshivanie, obschet when selling goods. No matter you intentionally “punched” in the check do not acquire the goods or by accident,” — said the Deputy head of Roskoshestvo Alexander Borisov.

Chances to return the money, according to many buyers: the goods specified in the receipt, and therefore, de jure, passed to you in the property. However, to prove that the goods you received, you can.

to begin, try to solve the problem peacefully, turning to the store, and then take more drastic steps. Inform the store about the problem, to present the check.

the Lack of the purchased goods in your bag, if available in check will help to install surveillance cameras on the trading floor. If no such videos, you have the right to require reconciliation on the nomenclature of the product: to verify the physical availability of the product relative to the sales data in the system. Do not be redundant and the arguments of the witnesses, if you were in the store together with relatives or friends.

If the store is not going towards you, make an entry in the complaints book, putting your contacts — address and phone number. You must reply within 5 days, and in complex situations that require internal investigations to respond within 15 days.

If the store network, Express appeal, a claim on the official website. In commercial networks carefully monitor the complaints of customers. Employees of the Department on work with the consumer loyalawn usually work in the Central offices of the trade network, usually in Moscow, St. Petersburg and regional centres and are not connected with the shop staff where you cheated.

the first stage of these simple steps and generally allowed up to 80 percent of the problems associated with refunds or exchange of products for another. If the shop has gone on the defensive, you need to contact CPS. The Agency shall have the right to inspect, in particular, to request the verification of the goods and proceeds and to bring to the store (legal or official) responsible.

Penalties for such offenses are not very large — from 10 thousand to 40 thousand rubles. However, if consumers are to take a principled stand, in the totality of their treatment will create considerable cumulative effect on the total amount of fines and will be for the store a strong incentive to reconsider its policy towards its own customers.