information about the murder of “Roscosmos” is not true, reports “Interfax” with reference to the press service of the Corporation. Sergei Chaikin, whose body was discovered yesterday in Moscow suburbs the employee of “Roscosmos” is not, says the company. It specified that Sergey khaykin was a division chief in the research and production Corporation “Space systems monitoring, information management and Electromechanical complexes” named after A. G. iosifian (Corporation “VNIIEM”), which is engaged in the manufacture of satellites.

it was Previously reported that in POS. Biokombinat near Star city were found the bodies of two brothers Hiking — Sergei and Ivan. The body found the mother of the brothers and called the police. According to the preliminary version, the elder brother was shot dead with a hunting rifle Jr. Later he committed suicide. Several media outlets claimed that the victim Sergey khaykin is the head of a Department of “Roscosmos”.