Rosneft commenced studies of the ivory gull in the Arctic

“Rosneft” initiated a comprehensive research of populations of the ivory gull in the Arctic. This rare subspecies of birds listed in the Red book.

In the North-Eastern part of the Kara sea started the first expedition, which will be the beginning of a large-scale four-year program of “Rosneft” for the study, conservation and monitoring of living in the Arctic key species.

In cooperation with leading scientific institutions of the country “Rosneft” will spend eight expeditions to the Laptev sea, the Barents and Kara seas to study polar bears, walruses, reindeer and rare bird species on the Taimyr Peninsula. All these animals is the so-called bioindicators. As, for example, fur of a bear and tail of the Seagull, you can judge the well-being of the fragile nature of the Arctic.

Rosneft is the study of the Arctic since 2012. Has undertaken more than 20 research expeditions. However, the scope of the current research will be unprecedented in the history of the study region. For four years, the team will spend more than 170 hours of research, including using unmanned aircraft, will cover more than 500 thousand square kilometers, will spend several thousands of laboratory tests.

the First expedition will last until the end of August – during the whole period of nesting ivory gulls. Ornithologists will learn the full cycle of breeding birds from egg laying until the Chicks climb on the wing, and will also get information about breeding places and abundance of the colonies. Observations will be conducted throughout the route of the birds. To install the GPS trackers to the backs of adult birds, scientists have created a special mini”backpacks”.

Maximum respect for nature and animals is one of the key priorities of Rosneft. The study will contribute to the conservation of biological diversity and comfort of the animals in the region where in the future will be implemented neftedobycha projects.