Rosobrnadzor: online training can be used during seasonal outbreaks of SARS

Experience of using online learning in schools, received during dissemination of coronavirus, it is necessary to develop and use during seasonal bursts of colds, according to the Service.

“Always in our country in autumn and spring outbreaks of colds. Now is the time to do so, to those flashes — sometimes polklassa sitting of the house — passed imperceptibly. even for those who are sick”, — told reporters acting head of Rosobrnadzor Anzor Muzaev.

the Modern online technologies allow sick students to join the class and participate in class.

At the same time Musayev noted that the distance education system certainly needs improvement, TASS reports.

“that’s all we need to do to bring this system to mind. Of course, it will take several years, but to do it”, — said acting head of the service.

Speaking about the conduct of the exam this year, Anzor Muzaev said that the paragraphs of the exam taken all security measures. Masks and gloves for the organizers of the exam will be mandatory, but for the participants of the exam mandatory wearing them is determined by the heads of regions.

Earlier, the Minister of education of the Russian Federation Sergey Kravtsov reported that online technologies can be used in certain cases, but they will not replace traditional schooling.